Sarakina Gorge (West)

The small and quite unknown little gorge of Sarakina (not the Sarakina in East Crete!) starts just outside the village of Meskla. This traditional village is situated in one of the greenest areas of Chania with many orange groves, forest and plenty of water! This impressive little gorge took its name from the locals’ belief that Saracens used to hide in there. The rocks in the gorge looks like torn in the middle and the nature has created an amazing sculpture!

It is very nice, after the gorge, to walk further up through a nice forest towards the village of Zourva (there are signs). Along a quiet road with great views you can walk back again to the village of Meskla. This walk is not so far from the city of Chania but brings you in a completely different world!

Sarakina Gorge (Meskla)

Pictures of the Sarakina Gorge