Discover Georgioupolis... on Foot

Our second walking guidebook Discover Georgioupolis...on Foot has 9 easy country walks in the area of Georgioupolis and Lake Kournas in the Apokoronas region in Western Crete, Greece. This guidebook has a lot of historical information about the local villages, useful tips and information. The 9 walks described contain beautiful pictures and detailed walking maps. You will discover a beautiful part of Crete,  good for walking and still lots to discover! 

About Georgioupolis

The village of Georgioupolis is located 35 km east of Chania and 20 km west of Rethymno. The Municipal department of Georgioupolis has approximately 2,500 inhabitants and the biggest villages are Georgioupolis and Kournas, having about 500 inhabitants each. Georgioupolis is known for its 10 km long sandy beach and is a popular beach holiday destination, together with the village of Kavros. The rest of the area is mainly agricultural, with many olive groves and feeding grounds. Several beautiful natural sites can be found in the area, the best known being the sweet water lake of Kournas. There are also rivers, green hills and an oak forest.

There is so much to discover in this area and everything within a close distance. The walks described in this book will take you through typical old Cretan villages hardly visited by tourists, where you can get a flavour of the everyday life in Crete. Some villages have superb views over Georgioupolis, the beach and the sea. A big part of the area is agricultural, with many olive groves and ruins of old buildings. Many charming churches can be discovered, on top of hills or hidden in caves. The Kournas Lake, water springs, a surprisingly green forest and even a Minoan grave, thousands of years old, are among the well known sights of the area.

The 9 easy country walks described in this guidebook will take you to the most beautiful places of this area!

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