Discover Paleochora & Sougia... on Foot

Our latest book (number 9) in the series Discover...on Foot has 13 interesting  walks in the area of Paleochora and Sougia in the Prefecture of Kantanos-Selino. It is a scenic region and famous among walkers, many of which walk a part of the E4 long distance trail that runs here along the coast. It is a region with beautiful beaches but also with many mountainous areas. Paleochora, although small, is the main town in the region and a beloved destination. Sougia is a small village and has a long sandy beach. It is a quiet and relaxing place, away from mainstream tourism. Also many walkers choose this village for example to hike the known Agia Irini Gorge.

Except of the walks the book gives you also lot of extra information about the villages, history and the area. Many beautiful pictures and detailed walking maps make this book complete. 

The walks in Paleochora and Sougia

In the area of Paleochora is so much to discover and everything within a close distance! The walks in this booklet show you the hidden corners of this area, accompanied with lots of extra (historical) information. The walks take you to spectaecular viewing points, ridges and interesting nearby villages like Voutas, Kandanos, Azogires and Anidri. You can walk through a small gorge or climb up to a peak chapel, passing from ancient tombs and a monastery. Chapels with beautiful frescoes, a spectacular cave and a Turkish fortress are some interesting sights you will see during the walks around Paleochora! 

View towards Paleochora 

View on Sougia 

In the area of Sougia you discover beautiful landscapes by walking through the Lissos gorge and, for a part, along the coastal E4 trail. The walks bring you to the ancient town of Lissos with many interesting excavations, like the recently excavated Roman theatre! You walk to the impressive Polyphemus Cave but also to some remote villages like Koustogerako, Rodovani, Livadas and Moni! Also the ancient town of Elyros, remain of an aqueduct, ancient paths (kalderimia) and a mysterious pyramid are among the interesting sights of the area around Sougia.

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