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What and why is that in Crete?

When you walk (or bike or drive) through the Cretan landscape you see some typical, weird things! Some things you can probably figure out yourself, but there are also others that make you wonder why or what is that for? So, some explanations in this article!  

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City walks in Crete: Chania

Crete is a known destination for walkers, especially during spring and autumn! Everybody knows the famous gorge of Samaria which attracts every year thousands of people. Also, the beautiful long distance trail E4 that runs through Crete is a famous walker's attraction! But what about the cities of Crete? Most people that visit the city of Chania, Rethymno and Heraklion in Crete see the same known parts and streets and miss a lot of other interesting parts of the city. Nowadays, with google maps, all kinds of apps and many guidebooks you can find many things by yourself. It's also nice just to wander around through a town without a real plan! But, in this article we give you some tips and ideas to discover some special corners of the interesting town of Chania. Which parts of the town or walks you can do, individually or even with a local city guide. 

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Winter walking in Crete

If you have been to Crete for walking holidays then it was most probably during the spring or autumn months! Although most tourists come to Crete during the summer, it's only a small percentage that is interested in walking. Then it’s just too hot for most of them!     

What about the winter? Often people ask this question. Can you do walks and hikes in Crete in the winter and where and what? Are hotels and restaurants open and how do I get there? Well, actually winter is a wonderful period for walking! A winter holiday on Crete can be a great way to discover its hidden gems. The weather is usually mild, there are no crowds and the prices are convenient. In this article we give you some ideas, facts and tips about walking tours on Crete during the winter months!

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Gorges of Crete, some cooler options!

All walkers that have visited Crete have heard about the Samaria Gorge, one of the most famous gorges in Europe! Perhaps one of the reasons you even came to Crete! It is also a fantastic hike through an impressive landscape with towering walls! You won’t be the only one hiking this gorge, as many tourist offices offer this excursion. And how is it during the summer months? Not too hot? Well, you are in Crete and in summer it never gets cold, so yes hot it gets! Although in Samaria there is quite some shade, especially in the beginning. Also the time you start walking and the altitude at the start helps!

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Walking in Crete - dangerous animals?

Are there any dangerous or poisonous animals on Crete?

It is often one of the questions you get as a walking guide: are there any dangerous or poisonous snakes or other animals on Crete? Since there are so many walkers enjoying the Cretan landscape, it is logical to think about such issues, so in this article I describe some animals / insects that might cause a problem (or not) for walkers. Also some tips and tricks about what to do. In this blog I don’t mention animals in the sea like sea urchins etc, only on land! Of course feel free again to write a comment and share your experience or knowledge!

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Walking shoes & hiking gear on Crete

Every year many walkers discover the beautiful island of Crete on foot. Especially in spring and autumn you see many people ‘armed’ with walking shoes, sticks and backpacks exploring this beautiful island. Many hikers walk a part of the E4 trail, especially in south Crete. Others enjoy daily walks from a comfortable hotel. You see guided walking groups or individual walkers with descriptions or walking guidebooks.

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