Pervolakia Gorge

The Pervolakia Gorge (or Kapsa Gorge) is located in southeast Crete and starts right next to Kapsa Monastery, 7 kilometres from Μakriyalos, and ends at Pervolakia village. You can leave the car at Kapsa Monastery and either visit the small pebble beach or enter the gorge, which is the rockiest in the area but also the most impressive. At some parts in the gorge you need to scramble and climb a bit, though there are signs in the bed of the gorge where you have to be careful. It takes about 2 hours to cross the 3,5 kilometre through the gorge. You will then reach the village of Kato Pervolakia, where you can call a taxi if you have left your car at Kapsa Monastery or walk back again.

Inside the Pervolakia Gorge

Impression of the Pervolakia Gorge