Kyklamino Gorge

The Kyklamino Gorge (also called Agios Georgios Gorge) is located just a few kilometres south of the village Mournies, not far from Chania. This beautiful and unknown gorge has recently been way-marked by ‘Paths of Greece’ and is part of a round walk of 2- 2,5 hours. In the gorge some parts are secured with chains so you can easier pass from some difficult sections. It is a surprisingly beautiful and green area just on the south of the city of Chania. When you exit the gorge you walk up to the chapel of Agios Georgios and next to it to the ruins of an old olive press. Along an old stone path (kalderimi) you walk back down to the start of the walk.

In the Kyklamino Gorge

Pictures of the Kyklamino Gorge