Koutsouras Gorge

The Koutsouras (or Butterfly) Gorge is one of the most known gorges of south-east Crete. The entrance is at the little forest of Koutsouras, which is just one km far from the little village of Koutsouras and 6 km from Makrigialos. Its end is just 2 kms far from Orino settlement. The best time of the year to cross it is spring. You will find out wonderful landscape and small waterfalls are scattering along the route. Unfortunately a fire had destroyed 70% of the pine trees of the area of the gorge in 1993.Today as you walk through the gorge, you can see the remains of the fire and the burnt pines, as witnesses of an older time, when the verdure was abundant everywhere. The gorge is about 5km and it takes 3 hours to cross it. The track is way marked with red dots and yellow/black stripes.

Inside the Koutsouras Gorge

Impression of the Koutsouras Gorge