Kato Poros Gorge

The Gorge of Kato Poros is located between the villages Kato Poros and Vilandredo, not far from the well know village Argyroupolis (Ancient Lappa). The gorge is also called the Vilandredo Gorge. It is a very green gorge, full of plane trees, and the route runs along the riverbed. The most beautiful part of the canyon is where its tall walls almost meet, leaving a very narrow passage. Because of this it is also called the Twin RavinesIn winter and early spring the Kato Poros Gorge can have quit a lot of water and can be difficult to pass. It is very nice to make a round walk by combining this gorge with the Moundros Gorge.

Narrow part of Kato Poros Gorge

Impression of Kato Poros Gorge