Karoumes Gorge

The Karoumes Gorge or Chochlakies lies in the far east of the island, 8 kms South of Palekastro on the way to Zakros and starts just below the village of Chochlakies leading to the beautiful Bay of Karoumes. It is a very isolated area of the island. The walk through the gorge (3,5 km), leading mainly through the riverbed, takes about 2 hours. In springtime you must be prepared for some rock climbing in order to get round the pools of water. The gorge has nice steep cliffs and at the end is the reward: the lonely but beautiful beach of Karoumes where trees give shady resting places. The only way back is again through the same gorge, so again 2 hours!

In the Karoumes Gorge

Impression of the Karoumes Gorge