Kapnis Gorge

The Kapnis Gorge is located between the Imbros and Asfendos Gorge. It is a very wild and spectacular gorge and difficult to access. The gorge is still very unknown and only few people go through. The gorge is quite long and it takes about 4 hours to walk through. It is a difficult and dangerous walk with craggy riverbed which in some places creates dry waterfalls and requires climbing. It is not recommended for people who have no experience with mountaineering. Its entrance is situated on the southern side of the mountains of Akones and at the fourth km of the asphalt road from Imbros to Asfendou in Sfakia, at an altitude of 900 m.

Kapnis Gorge - Hiking - Crete

It ends up in the border of the village of Vraskas at an altitude of 190 m, and you need 3,30 hours in order to cross it. As far as I know it is not described in any guidebook.

Impression of Kapnis Gorge