Imbros Gorge

After the Samaria, the Imbros Gorge is the second popular gorge on Crete and is also called the little sister of Samaria. The Gorge itself is only 7 km and has beautiful landscapes with a spectacular narrow part of only 1,60m! The gorge ends at the village Komitades where you have a nice view towards the Libyan Sea. Here you can decide to go by taxi or walk further to Chora Sfakion, or to take a taxi back to Imbros. The entrance of the gorge starts at the village Imbros (700m above sea level) and ends at the village Komitades (close to Chora Sfakion). The walk is not so strenuous and therefore also suitable for children. It is one of the few gorges that are passable in wintertime (except if there is heavy rainfall).

Impression of Imbros Gorge

Imbros Gorge in Google maps