Discover Rethymnon... on Foot


With the seventh book in the series Discover...on Foot, Discover Rethymnon...on Foot you will discover the beautiful city of Rethymnon and get a taste of the walking possibilities outside the city! Two city walks will lead you through the interesting sites and monuments in the old part of the city. You will discover Venetian and Turkish sites and buildings and walk along small alleys where few tourists will go! Two other city walks will show you interesting parts out of the old part of the city. A fishing harbour, old tanneries, the Mastaba mosque are some examples where the other walks will bring you to.

3 interesting country walks start about 7 km out of the city, in the village of Chromonastiri. These walks give you the chance to get a flavour of the natural beauty of the Rethymnon countryside, with its green valleys, amazing views, very old churches and the famous Myli gorge with its many watermills! 

© First published: April 2016, text English, 56 pag.
Berend Wolffenbuttel & Toine van der Meijden: text, photographs, maps and graphic design
ISBN: 978-618-81205-7-0