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It’s in the nature of walking guidebooks to be out of date almost as soon as they appear! Especially in Crete the landscape is changing all the time; footpaths are made into roads or are overgrown, houses are built, new fences are erected, etc. If you find any changes in the walks or think that the descriptions are not correct or clear, please let us know and send your advice to: info@discoveronfoot.com The changes will be added in future editions of the book. All our Books and updates for the walks you can find on our website www.discoveronfoot.com

Here you find updates for our booklet Discover Vamos... on Foot. The updates are based upon experiences from other hikers but also by new information from us while checking the routes. The udates below are for the edition from 2019!!

Discover Vamos... on Foot, edition 2019

Walk 3: To the hidden church of the Black Madonna (update April 2020) 

  • Page 22, second column, line 1: Follow the gravel track for 300m until..... This gravel track is now asphalt.


  • Page 22, second column, line 7/8: ....(there is also a small sign Metochi Psiri). There is now a new sign "Metchochi Driyas" (see pictures below.

Old sign "Metochi Psiri"

New sign "Metochi Driyas"

Walk 8: Kefalas - Paleloni - Kefalas (update May 2020)

  • Page 41, second column, just after point nr 2: (to your left you see the kafenion "MELAS"). This kafenion is unfortunately closed, the owner is with pension!
  • Page 42, second column, line 5: ...and follow this road (becoming gravel) fo 400m.... : This road is all asphalt now!
  • Page 42, second column, line 13: ...follow this track for 500m as it turns into asphalt and walk back... : Also this road is completaly asphalt now!

Walk 7: To the Holy Monastery of Agios Georgios (update March 2024)

  • Page 37, Unfortunately the track from the graveyard towards the Monastery is now completaly asphalt. It is still has great views and there are very few cars along this road. 

Walk 3: To the hidden church of the Black Madonna (update March 2024)

  • Page 23, Just after WP 121 (After 190m you arrive at a wide gravel road where you keep left and further uphill.). This wide gravel track is now asphalt. (in this walk youwalk only a small part of this road!) 
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