Updates Discover Plakias & Spili... on Foot

It’s in the nature of walking guidebooks to be out of date almost as soon as they appear! Especially in Crete the landscape is changing all the time; footpaths are made into roads or are overgrown, houses are built, new fences are erected, etc. If you find any changes in the walks or think that the descriptions are not correct or clear, please let us know and send your advice to: info@discoveronfoot.com The changes will be added in future editions of the book. All our Books and updates for the walks you can find on our website www.discoveronfoot.com

Here you find updates for our booklet Discover Plakias & Spili... on Foot. The updates are based upon experiences from other hikers but also by new information from us while checking the routes. 


Latest update April 2020

Discover Plakias & Spili... on Foot, edition 2020

Update 28/4/2023   

For walk number 2 to the old watermill and Mirthios there is a big update! The original route on the east side of the Kotsifos river is not possible anymore. Basically it is not possible to cross it due to heavy erosion and building an a field you have to cross. The route goes now on the westside of the river!

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