Updates Discover Almyrida & Kalyves... on Foot

It’s in the nature of walking guidebooks to be out of date almost as soon as they appear! Especially in Crete the landscape is changing all the time; footpaths are made into roads or are overgrown, houses are built, new fences are erected, etc. If you find any changes in the walks or think that the descriptions are not correct or clear, please let us know and send your advice to: info@discoveronfoot.com The changes will be added in future editions of the book. All our Books and updates for the walks you can find on our website www.discoveronfoot.com

Here you find updates for our booklet Discover Almyrida & Kalyves... on Foot. The updates are based upon experiences from other hikers but also by new information from us while checking the routes. The updates below are for the edition from 2019!

In March 2024 a new edition is ready and updates have been incorporated into the new edition. 

Discover Almyrida & Kalyves... on Foot, edition 2024

Walk 1: To Gavalochori and the Venetian Wells

March 2024

  • Page 15, road towards Almyrida Bay Hotel. This is now the almyrida Village Hotel
  • Page 16, column 1, second alinea, At the square there is the Women’s Agrotourism Co-operative, where you can see and buy traditional handicraft. This is closed now! Instead there is now a nice shop selling traditional handicraft products and art from local artists.

Walk 3: To the village of Tsivaras

March 2024

  • Page 24, last sentence column 1, turn left into a wide track. Follow this track for 750m, gradually going uphill..... This track is in a few meters now an asphalt road. 
  • page 25, just after the yellow block of number 6,  (narrow street (house nr 13 on your left). The number is not on the house anymore! 

Walk 4 From Almyrida to the village of Douliana

March 2024

  • Page 27, Atlantis Bar on your right. This bar is now an ice-cream shop Mia Gelateria 
  • Page 27, Almyrida Bay Hotel. This is now Almyrida Village Hotel

Walk 5 The backstyreets of Kalyves and the "Koumos"

March 2024

  • Page 31, just after numer (3), the post office is closed!
  • Page 32, At Koumos they ask now entrance fee. They ask 5 euros but if you take adrink they take it off this amount!

Walk 7 From Kalyves to the beautiful village of Armeni

March 2024

  • Page 39, The Piraues bank is not longer there. It is now a real estate (Alfa Omega) 
  • Page 39, column 2 just after WP209. Follow this track for 750m. This track is for a big part asphalt now.
  • page 41, column 1, Follow this track for 1,1km.. Also this track became asphalt!  

Walk 10 To a water cave and the lighthouse (Faros)

March 2024

  • Page 51, On this description we mention several signs like "Φαροσ" (lighthouse) and yellow sign (ΚΟΥΤΑΛΑΣ). Thses signs are not there anymore, but the route is also easy to find withoyt these signs.