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This interesting book about the traditional village of Vamos (Crete) contains 8 walks and many beautiful pictures and information about the history of the village. There is a village walk that brings you along the sightseeing’s of the village and there are additionally 7 easy country walks in the area of Vamos. Each walk description includes extra information and a detailed map. These walks will give you a good impression of the village and its surroundings. You discover some ancient paths and hidden churches and enjoy the breathtaking views of the "Lefka Ori", the Akrotiri Peninsula, Souda Bay and Drapanos Mountain. Some of the walks bring you to the neighbouring villages Douliana, Litsarda, Kefalas and Xirosterni.

The book is locally available in different shops in Vamos and in other villages like Kalyves, Almyrida and Georgioupolis. You can also order this book through this website (Webshop).
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Berend Wolffenbuttel
Toine van der Meijden
Berend Wolffenbuttel & Toine van der Meiden
2009, second edition 2011, Third edition 2014, Fifth edition May 2019
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Walking guidebook Discover Vamos... on Foot
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Vamos Village
The old paved street in Vamos Crete
The old street of Vamos
The old girls school in Vamos Crete
The Parthenagogion, the old girls school of Vamos
Vamos is located 26 km from Chania in North west Crete. Until 2011it used to be the capital (administrative centre) of the Apokoronas region. From January 2011 Vamos, alongside the other municipalities of the region, are part of the Municipality of Apokoronas, whose administrative centre is the village of Vrisses, 4 km south of Vamos. Vamos is now a municipal department. It is a developing, traditional village, well-protected from mainstream tourism and very much retaining its character. Here you can find some fine examples of traditional and neoclassical architecture in new and renovated buildings.
Approximately 2,900 residents live in the municipal department. The village of Vamos has approximately 850 inhabitants. Vamos is a semi mountainous village, 250m above sea level, surrounded by cultivated and wild nature. Due to the fact that Vamos is situated on a hill, the climate here is much better than, for example, in the nearby village of Vrisses which is much more humid (in winter the temperature is often a few degrees lower in Vrisses than in Vamos). Just outside the village you will find many olive groves, especially close to the Karidi Monastery which is 2 km from Vamos (see walk 7). Also, you can still find a lot of indigenous cypress trees, although many of them have disappeared since the time of the Venetians, who used the trees to build ships. The cypress trees were also used for the construction of traditional houses (like those in Vamos), particularly the roofs. Today in these forests you can find various wild flowers and wildlife such as rabbits, badgers and buzzards. In winter these areas are very popular with hunters.

Today, Vamos is known as a traditional destination and more and more locals have started to restore their own houses here. Even now, the development of the village continues. Vamos has once again many facilities and the village is starting to attract more and more people, including foreigners who come to visit Vamos or to live here permanently. You can find much more information about interesting buildings and monuments in Vamos and the surrounding area and the surrounding villages in our book Discover Vamos...on Foot

Where to stay?
In Vamos there are several good accommodations where from you can discover the village and surrounding area on foot. There are restored guesthouses, small pensions or private villas, everything is possible. Here you find some good accommodations that welcome walkers.  

Vamos village Crete
Vamos, a traditional destination
Between Chania and Rethymno, in the beautiful rolling foothills of the White Mountains and only a short distance from the sea, lies the traditional village of Vamos. In this village we rent traditional houses and cottages and offer different activities. Vamos and the surrounding area is a perfect location if you like walking!

Slideshow Discover Vamos... on Foot